MailHappen helps you to cope with Covid-19

  • Friday, 20th March, 2020
  • 18:34pm

Dear Customers,

At MailHappen, we are also affected by Covid-19 and our teams have to work at home. To work efficiently at home, we have setup a Video Conferencing solution called Zimbra Connect.

We can see each other, share our screen, chat, and send files. It work well on Desktop and Mobile phone. We have tested up to 4 concurrent sessions and the performance is acceptable. We kind of like this!

We thought you might want this handy tool as well. So we would like to offer you free use during this pandemic period.

Because the license is limited, we can only give at most 4 access per domain. Please tell us the email address to enable:

1. Email Address:
2. Email Address:
3. Email Address:
4. Email Address:



Usage Guide

  1. Use Firefox browser (recommended) from your Desktop and connect to This is also your standard WebClient.
  2. After login, switch to Connect tab. Click at New --> New instant meeting
  3. Enter an email address you would like to send the invitation to. You can send to your colleague, yourself or your clients. Click Start to begin.
  4. Your browser will ask for permission to use camera and microphone. Click Allow it.
  5. To invite more people, you can click at ( i ) button and click Add participants or copy the link and send it.
  6. To end the meeting, you click at Hangup button.

Questions and Answers

  1. How many people can join in a meeting concurrently? Answer: Unlimited. However we recommend at most 4 or 5 concurrent users.
  2. What is the cost of Zimbra Connect after the free use? Answer: We sell at RM80 per year for one license.
  3. How many license do I need if I start a meeting and 4 people join in? Answer: One. Because only the organizer requires license to start meeting. All others are free.
  4. Do you support recording, whiteboard, chat, remote access, etc? Answer: Only Chat, Video, Voice, and Screen Sharing are available. For more comprehensive Video Conferencing solution, please check out Zoom.


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